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released April 30, 2015



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Crossed Streams Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: The House At Dusk
The fading light brings grayish tones as the life drains out of the family home
Shadows slither along the halls displacing the light of safety and warmth
I'm here alone and I don't want to show my fear of whatever cradles the land
But I can feel the chill on my skin and I know that they're back to haunt me again

Where to hide, turn on the lights
Terrified, The House At Dusk
Breathe, remain calm, they feed on fear
I can't leave, this is home

Why is my home so unreal, so alone, so unsafe
Scared of the day, the night gets worse, Living and dead all hate me
Breathe, remain calm, they feed on fear

The light is fading and the house is cold, but in the quiet there is no calm
Always near they sit and wait they sit and watch and bide their time
A gentle breeze and a shadow moves, the floor boards creak and strain
Begging me to come downstairs, in the cellar they await
Track Name: The Space Under The Stairs
Little painted portal to a world of hard regret
Grasp the handle and pull it wide and let the stench out to the air
Come on in now don't be shy there's nothing for you to fear
It's the perfect place to hide from the madness that you loathe

Hide from hell!

No one cares if you're buried under here
In the dark with your mind and your heart
Probably best if you're out of the way.
You're such a burden, a heavy cross to bear
Probably best had you never even lived
It's crossed my mind several times just today to
Eliminate your presence to manipulate the symmetry
A breathing millstone, an accident of life
Another bloody trinket collected to display
Practice smiling to perpetuate the fantasy
Everything is fine, and the universe is perfect
Behind closed doors we all know the truth
All the shame and rage that's dwelling at the root
Lust for freedom, and dreams of breaking free
From the deadened fucking weight of responsibility

Come On In!

Never wanted to be a burden
Never asked for this affliction
Close the door and breathe deep of the dark
I can hear the steps above me
Sound protected by the wooden angles
Choke my hearing with my fists
If only I could go down
Deeper and buried I go
Blacker than black I need it
Dig down straight through the concrete
Tear at the earth with talons
Give all of them what they want

Isn't this what you wanted?
Track Name: Haematoma
Blood is pooling around his skull
The boy is clearly suffering
What do you think we should do
Maybe we should wait and see
Yes maybe we should wait and see
No one has the time for this
Such an inconvenience
Blood is pooling around his skull

What should we do?
It's only a haematoma....

Neglect, look away, there is never a price to pay
Don't say we never gave a shit like it never mattered a bit
It may look bad, take a pill and lie in wait
The blood has to go somewhere, isn't that right?

Blood is pooling around his skull
Track Name: Cicatrix
Hardening of the tissue creates callused flesh
Not strengthened but weakened, the lesion is a surface scar
Crystallized at the core, healing over the wound
Bruised inside the skull, hidden defect buried under bone
Traumatized, is this what reality is?
Too young to grasp the gravity of the calamity
Lingering effects could last for years and years
Who could know the difference, or just what might have been?

Will anything ever be the same again? When he grows how will he have to cope?
Will there be a loss of function? Tell us please do we have any hope?
How long before he is healed, how long before he is well?
How could this accident happen? Only turned around for a moment

Slowly heal, poor boy
Slowly heal, different
Slowly heal, poor boy
Slowly heal, he's changed
Track Name: Ditches
WAR! Down the trench
WAR! Don't mind the stench
Chemical runoff from years of waste, let us all dive in
WAR! Tally ho and let's begin

Carcinogenic and virulent, no fence to keep it in
Ditches of waste will incubate the pathogens
Venomous and dangerous, absorbed through the skin
Repercussions now and later, contagions

The Stream Forever Flows...

WAR! But who's at risk
WAR! Internal cyst
Chemical runoff from years of waste, let us all dive in
WAR! Over before it begins

The stream forever flows...

The stream forever flows...
Track Name: Rotten Closet
Creeping at the fringe of the doorway, not wanting to see inside
But the open alcove beckons, Creeping forward slowly lured
Is it curiosity or is it sinister compulsion
The doorway swallows whole, strict punishment for temptation

Worst nightmare dwells inside, demonic and repugnant
All I want to do is get out, end game is forced possession
Magnetic pull that attracts flesh, now get your damn corpse inside
Finally a vessel to enthrall, cross the threshold...
Track Name: Followed
Right behind, followed slowly
Going to get you,
the question is when not will I
Has to be done
When they spoke, did they tell you
That I was, lurking and waiting for you
When they spoke, did they tell you
That I'm not
Conscious of what I do

Want A Ride?

Who the hell is that man? What the fuck does he want?
I slow down he slows down I start to pedal faster
In the gathering dusk My heart starts to pound
I've gotta get home now Darkness isn't going to save me

Stay underneath the streetlampsFor any shred of light
Hoping someone comes along Scare him away
I speed up, he speeds up Pulls up right beside me
Headlights blinding Rolls the window down...

Do you want a ride?
Track Name: Heartless Moment
Where do the memories go, when it's the end?
Mine still remain, for now I guess
At some point they will leave, with no gradual fade
A sudden bright flash, oblivion

Heartless. Madman.
Loser. I want you dead.
Heartless. Madman.
Failure. I'll strangle every inch of life from you.

Where do the memories go, when it's the end?
Did they pass through your mind, as you lay there?
I was too young then to know, who you really were
I had one gift ripped, you had so much more

I know so little of you, just words passed down
I cling to the keepsakes, rare imprints of life
A thoughtful word, and a caring glance
I don't really care what you did, where you went

No one can live evermore, but damn it we try
Because if we don't, what's the point
Amaranthine in my heart, forever
Random moments in time, I think of you